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HUSPOL group - sale of dog handling needs
HUSPOL group s.r.o
production and sale of dog handling needs

Manufacture and sale of dog handling needs

Manufacture and sell cynological equipment and other products. These products are meant to satisfy the needs not only related to sport but also professional cynology.

In our production we utilize our experience acquired from anatomy, etology and dog training. Professionals such as dog walkers, handlers and breeders contribute to the creation and testing of our products. In HUSPOL group s.r.o. we makes sure that our products satisfy our customers and keep them and their dogs safe throughout training.

HUSPOL group s.r.o. uses quality materials to manufacture products. Fabrics, leather and other material are of high quality, which strengthens the durability of the product. Our products are safe and your dog will certainly enjoy them.

balónek pro vycvik psa
Poslušnost - oblek pro figuranta

Stopa - stopovací vodítko

HUSPOL group sro is here for your satisfaction.

Obrana - kynologický vcvikový rukáv a bič

Production and sale of dog handling needs
HUSPOL group - výcvik psù

HUSPOL group s.r.o.
Rybářská 381
Hranice IV-Drahotuše, 753 61
Czech republic
tel. +420 721 631 326
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